A Unique Perspective on Cancer Fundraisers and How They Can Be Improved

I’m here to talk about the other side of fundraising for cancer awareness. Of course raising money for cancer research is a good idea, but is it being done the right way? We’ve been doing that for almost 50 years now and we don’t seem to be a whole lot closer.

It kind of reminds me of a story of a guy that was driving from Florida to California and he was driving in the general direction, but instead of going straight toward California he was actually heading the wrong way. While he was driving he realized he was going the wrong way so he got a faster car and started going faster and faster and faster and when that wasn’t working he got in a plane, but he still kept going the wrong way. California’s over here and he’s headed in the wrong direction so it doesn’t matter how much money we put toward something when you’re going in the wrong direction; they’re going in the wrong direction.

They’re trying to treat the symptom. They’re looking at the genetics and they have this theory that genes created the cancer. Do you know how many genes are inside a woman’s breast if you actually watch and look at it? There are thousands of genes with thousands of different markers on them that you couldn’t possibly get to every single one of those genes. The evidence shows that genes always respond to their environment, the nucleus responds to its environment. They’ve done studies where they take the nucleus out of a cancer cell. The nucleus is what is supposed to be causing the mutation of the cancer cell. They swap it with the nucleus of a healthy cell. The assumption is that the healthy cell will now turn cancerous. They were surprised when the cell didn’t turn cancerous. There are so many studies out there proving it’s not the nucleus it’s not the DNA, it’s actually the environment around it that allows it.

In the same study they took a normal healthy nucleus and they put it inside of a cancer cell so they put a normal nucleus into a cancer cell. Well if it’s genetics this should turn a normal cell, but the cytoplasm the environment was the same and what do you know, a normal healthy nucleus still turns into cancer. The whole theory behind the pink campaign is awareness and what that means is they want you to donate money toward chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and genetics and giving people genetic drugs and finding that the causes and they think it’s all genetic. The genes respond to their environment, they’re still going after the wrong thing so they’re going the wrong way.

We hear a lot about the BRCA gene. The BRCA gene isn’t really considered as a cancer gene. What it does is it makes women more susceptible. We all have bad genes. The more bad genes we have the more susceptible we are. That means our environment is more likely to turn mine on than yours, so we know that if a woman as the BRCA gene, conventional advice says you need more mammograms, but we know that someone BRCA genes, doing more radiation, their body doesn’t allow them to slow down and they end up with cancer more often. So they’re getting the opposite of what they want. So if you have BRCA you need to figure out how you changed the environment.

You know we look at Angelina Jolie and I get it, in fear she’s got the BRCA gene, so she says I’m going to cut my breasts off. You don’t get cancer because you have breasts. I remember writing an article saying what’s next, is she going to cut out her uterus and ovaries because what’s the next organs that could get cancer. Why wouldn’t we instead, if we know that she has an increase chance of a hormone positive cancer why wouldn’t we balance out her hormones, measure out her hormones every three to six months. The best thing she could have done is balance out her hormones and make sure her liver can balance out her hormones and monitor that for the rest of her life instead of cutting off her breasts because you can cut off all your reproductive organs, but if your estrogen levels are still too high you still end up with cancer.