Thank You for Understanding Our Mission

God forbid one day you have a serious illness. Worst yet, God forbid one day your child gets a serious illness, or even cancer. Many families have already experienced this and it’s unimaginable the pain that they endure. It’s likely that in order to receive the best treatment that you’ll have to travel, sometimes across the state, other times across the country to give your child the best chance of hope and success.

Medical bills, housing, and travel expenses add up and most times it’s more than most families can afford. How do you make a choice with your child’s health? Would you really consider sending your child to a treatment center across the state or country and not be by their side? How will you afford these expenses and still manage your other daily expenses? It’s important to keep your family together in these situations.

At the Ronald McDonald House we want to give those parents and especially those kids a little comfort in a home environment while their child is receiving their life saving treatment. We want to make sure that a parent doesn’t have to compromise on the health of their child and where they live and what they eat during that treatment. That’s where the organization come in. These families are housed free of charge and free food is provided to the families during their child’s treatment. There are volunteers all over the country that continue to volunteer their time and talents and help us reach more kids every year.

Money is raised throughout the year by partnering with sports teams, running events (like, this Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser), and benefit concerts to raise money to support our cause. We are indebted to our volunteers who share their time and talents with us every day and continue to share their happiness with our guests in their time of need. While we have helped many families in the past the need is still greater than our resources. We want to help more families every year and continue to evaluate our methods to bring new ideas and involve more companies. No parent should have to compromise on their child’s care.

As a volunteer you can choose what types of activities fit you best. Our volunteers cook, clean, visit with families, and attend to the day to day operations. We always have more activities than volunteers so please reach out if you have an interest. Let us know your skills and we’ll bet we can find a great way for you to volunteer and help our families.

Once again, please consider helping our families. Every little bit helps and our families are so grateful for your continued support. Every child deserves a full and happy life and keeping a positive attitude during their treatment makes all the difference. You’ll feel very rewarded when you put a smile on a child’s face who’s going through a tough time.

Here at Ronald McDonald House we ensure our families are cared for give them time to focus on the important things, their child’s health.