Five things to know about Ronald McDonald House Books

The Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit organization from the United States that aims at improving the health and well-being of children. The organization is known for the creation, development, and support of programs that focus on the needs of children. The organization operates both locally and internationally thereby reaching and satisfying the needs of different children in various regions. Currently, it has more than 360 houses in 42 different nations and regions. Educational support is one of the many services that the organization provides to the needy children and their families.

One of the important programs in this organization is the Ronald McDonald House Books, an initiative established to offer books to children in hospitals. The following are the five things you should know about this program.

First, the Ronald McDonald House Books is an initiative that was established by an 8-year-old girl known as Danay Ferguson. Her objective and the main reason for collaborating with this organization were to promote literacy by sharing her passion with other children who might not be able to access such resources but have the will to read.

Secondly, the Ronald McDonald House Books is known as the Reading Heart. It is a non-profit program, which specifically aims at providing more than 1500 books to children in various hospitals. These children are diagnosed with various illnesses and might not have access to education while in the healthcare centers. This program aims at helping the children access important educational resources that they would otherwise lack due to the situation facing their families. The burden of getting books for their parents is also shifted to the organization through this program. Another important thing to note is that the Ronald McDonald House Books, otherwise known as the Reading Heart, is a bit different from their educational support program that was introduced earlier. The educational support program supports children through scholarships and providing necessary resources for their education once they leave the hospital. However, the Reading heart program is different because it focuses on providing books only. It is not as diversified as the other education support program by the organization. The Reading Heart program also invites well-wishers to work with them and support this important program. In this case, the program calls for donations as little as $5 and any person from different regions worldwide can be of help. Importantly, the program also accepts donations in form of books and if you are interested in doing so, you can contact the various stores around you.

Lastly, the Reading Heart program hosts various events in various regions and convenient locations from which well-wishers can make donations. In addition, the public is educated about the program as well as other means through which they can be of support to this program. Therefore, be on the lookout because one of these events might be in your local center and you could be of help. Generally, you will that the initiative by the non-profit organization is a unique and important strategy through which organizations can give back to the society. Most children are lacking educational resources but through such programs, many would benefit from the generosity and support from different members of the society. Let us join hands and support Danay Ferguson and Ronald McDonald House Charities in helping the needy children.