Proper Way to Tell Your Family You Have Cancer


Having to endure cancer can be an overwhelming challenge, but it is harder still to break the news to a loving family. There is no escaping that though, for the support of a family is one of the strongest factors that can get you through your hard time. The existing impression that cancer is a deadly disease makes it harder for people to digest this kind of news, but that prejudice can always be dealt with. So if you’re in that phase where you haven’t figured out how you can inform your family about your cancer without making them devastated, here are a few things you can do.

Know Your Disease

First, figure out what you are dealing with. It will be helpful if you are aware of the situation completely – such as what kind of treatment you shall undergo, the expenses of it, factors that can aid in getting through the times, how it would impact the routine of your life, and so on. This information can be obtained from your doctor, therapist or survivors who have successfully tackled cancer. All that you need to make sure is that you seek out the positive spectrum of answers, because feeling fine about facing this challenge is the primary necessity to face it.

Be Positive

Secondly, determine that you do feel fine about it, and you are prepared to beat the disease. This sense of positivism on your part shall make it much easier for your beloved ones to support you. Cancer is no more a challenge it used to be, with the rate of survivors increasing every day. You only have to see this as an obstacle that you shall soon pass.

Group Your Family Together For Your News

While most people would believe that a one-on-one conversation would be best when you have to convey intense news, it actually works against you. In fact, it is best if you can bring your entire family together and let them interact normally before you announce your news. This can help them draw courage from each other when you inform them, and share the same with you, hence making it easier for everyone to receive the news with minimum pain. If you can, keep kids away from this conversation unless you’re sure they will be able to carry on with their lives the same way as before. For, even though it doesn’t mean anything would change, kids would be a little more skeptical in cases where parents or close relatives are involved.

Keep the conversation as casual as you can. While it is necessary to make them realize you are conveying something serious, you need not get them ‘prepped’ for it. Start with something like, ‘Okay, there’s something I have to deal with, and I guess I’ll need your support for it.’ This gets their attention enough without inculcating a sense of fear.

Be Honest and Tell Your Family How You Feel

Keep it honest. If you do feel fear, confess it to your family for you need to get it out of your system, and they deserve to know how you feel. Feeling fear or crying out is not at all a sign of weakness, it will in fact enable your closed ones to understand your situation better. Make sure, however, that such momentary breakdowns do not last and you assure them that you are confident about making it through.

Be deliberate about what help you might need from you family – emotional support, financial perhaps, or even just their presence. Everyone shall be understanding, and breaking the news this way shall reduce half your pressure for you will know you are no more fighting it alone. Stay brave, yet honest with your family and they will ferry you through.


No one wants to have this kind of conversation with their family. Everyone wishes to have a happy and healthy life. If this situation does happen to you remember to understand your illness, always stay positive, tell your family in a group atmosphere, and be honest with them. These steps will ensure that your family will understand your situation and help you through it.

To our readers: if you’ve had this type of conversation with your family before please let us know what helped you so we can tell our readers.

How to Make a Cancer Awareness Bracelet Look More Appealing

A bracelet on cancer awareness can be considered one of the best ways to support patients and raise funds for the cause. The goal of making the bracelets more appealing is to increase the sales such that funds are raised to support the public education of cancer and research activities. There are various methods that can be employed to make the bracelets more appealing.

First Method

One method that can be applied to make the bracelet more attractive is producing both masculine and feminine bracelets. The idea is to present to the male gender a product that they can comfortably wear and take part in raising the awareness rather than limiting the color to pink or any other bold color.

Second Method

Another method of making the bracelets more appealing is customizing them basing on the preference of the audience, but with the sole goal of increasing cancer awareness. A good example is tagging a person’s name on a bracelet. For example, on a bracelet made from pearls, one may add a piece inscribed with one’s name and with a sign illustrating the support for cancer. The type of material used in making the bracelet also matters or rather is effective when it comes to customizing bracelets. There are some people who prefer bracelets made from beads while others prefer bracelets made from pearls or shells. The idea is to appeal to the public using products that they are comfortable with. Therefore, having a variety of bracelets made from different materials makes it possible to provide the public with the option of wearing bracelets that they feel comfortable with.

Third Method

Inscribing the various parts of a bracelet with words illustrating hope also contribute in making the bracelet more appealing. The words serve to appeal to the emotions of both the patients and the public such that the former feel hopeful and encouraged while the latter empathizes with the affected individuals. Some of the words to consider include ‘hope’, ‘light’, ‘joy’ and ‘peace’.

Fourth Method

Another option is using famous or influential individuals in raising awareness regarding the cause. Most people tend to associate themselves with items used by celebrities or public figures. The basic assumption is that having a celebrity put on a cancer awareness bracelet assists in increasing and spreading the awareness regarding the condition. The idea is that most people will be driven by the fact that individuals that they look up to are taking part in such causes and thus ensure that they also play part in spreading the awareness. As mentioned earlier, there are various methods that can be employed to make the bracelets more appealing.


In synopsis, some of the recommended strategies include producing both masculine and feminine bracelets to attract both sexes to take part in spreading the awareness, customize the bracelets based on the preference of the audience, but with the sole goal of increasing cancer awareness, inscribing the various parts of a bracelet with words illustrating hope and using famous or influential individual in raising awareness. The basic goal is that by making the bracelets more appealing, more sales will be made to support the cause.

Hopefully you learned some techniques to improve your next cancer fundraiser. Let us know how the fundraising goes!

Five things to know about Ronald McDonald House Books

The Ronald McDonald House is a non-profit organization from the United States that aims at improving the health and well-being of children. The organization is known for the creation, development, and support of programs that focus on the needs of children. The organization operates both locally and internationally thereby reaching and satisfying the needs of different children in various regions. Currently, it has more than 360 houses in 42 different nations and regions. Educational support is one of the many services that the organization provides to the needy children and their families.

One of the important programs in this organization is the Ronald McDonald House Books, an initiative established to offer books to children in hospitals. The following are the five things you should know about this program.

First, the Ronald McDonald House Books is an initiative that was established by an 8-year-old girl known as Danay Ferguson. Her objective and the main reason for collaborating with this organization were to promote literacy by sharing her passion with other children who might not be able to access such resources but have the will to read.

Secondly, the Ronald McDonald House Books is known as the Reading Heart. It is a non-profit program, which specifically aims at providing more than 1500 books to children in various hospitals. These children are diagnosed with various illnesses and might not have access to education while in the healthcare centers. This program aims at helping the children access important educational resources that they would otherwise lack due to the situation facing their families. The burden of getting books for their parents is also shifted to the organization through this program. Another important thing to note is that the Ronald McDonald House Books, otherwise known as the Reading Heart, is a bit different from their educational support program that was introduced earlier. The educational support program supports children through scholarships and providing necessary resources for their education once they leave the hospital. However, the Reading heart program is different because it focuses on providing books only. It is not as diversified as the other education support program by the organization. The Reading Heart program also invites well-wishers to work with them and support this important program. In this case, the program calls for donations as little as $5 and any person from different regions worldwide can be of help. Importantly, the program also accepts donations in form of books and if you are interested in doing so, you can contact the various stores around you.

Lastly, the Reading Heart program hosts various events in various regions and convenient locations from which well-wishers can make donations. In addition, the public is educated about the program as well as other means through which they can be of support to this program. Therefore, be on the lookout because one of these events might be in your local center and you could be of help. Generally, you will that the initiative by the non-profit organization is a unique and important strategy through which organizations can give back to the society. Most children are lacking educational resources but through such programs, many would benefit from the generosity and support from different members of the society. Let us join hands and support Danay Ferguson and Ronald McDonald House Charities in helping the needy children.

A kid has cancer and I’m not sure what to buy….Solved

A couple of weeks back, my mother told me we had been invited to a farewell birthday party being held for a child with cancer. My mother is a doctor and was good friends with the mother of the child in question. I thought to myself, what could I possibly bring to this poor child and how can any gift come close to making him happy when he knows that he is about to die? It is such a sad story, but consider the old saying… It’s the thought that counts.

The first thing to take into consideration is the type of cancer that the child has. If it is a debilitating condition which lowers muscle strength it would be a fairly bad idea to provide a hands on toy or puzzle, in this case something to pass the time with the maximum amount of time and ease would be more appropriate like a box set collection of cartoons or his favorite movie.

If the child has an illness where he can still use his hands then a hands on toy would be absolutely fine. In fact, you can pretty much get this child anything that all other children can have or may want as long as it makes him or her happy. A gift as simple as a bubble blower can put a smile on the face of pretty much any kid.

The second thing to consider depends on whether or not you know the child. I agree, it is fairly difficult to play it safe especially when you have never even met the person in the first place. But I tell you, generic gifts such as chocolate or foods containing nuts should always be avoided as an increase in blood sugar may interfere with chemotherapy and the healing process (depending on the situation).

A great gift that many kids always seem to like, from my experience, are coloring books. Not only do they help to distract the child from hardship by providing them with something to do, but it can also give them a much enjoyed sense of fulfillment. “Look what I did mommy!” says the little kid to his mother, proud of his artwork. You can see that this would not only bring joy to the face of the little boy or girl but would also bring a sense of happiness and pride to the parents… Much better than chocolate or one of those little toy cars which get two or three minutes of play and a lifetime of shelf-life.

Thirdly, the occasion must be taken into account. If the gift is very personal and would be better off opened in privacy then a more expensive gift like a PSP would be great. But if the present is opened in front of other little kids, this would cause a bit of envy for the others and a more suitable gift would be something practical and warm, like a small sweater, cool shoes, a jacket or even a puzzle. My friends, I am so sorry to hear that someone you know has befallen such a harsh and unfair fate, but I hope that my guidance has helped you and in turn given you inspiration to make a child smile.

What are the Cancer Treatments for Children?

Hello, this article is about creating awareness about cancer in children. I want to describe in a nutshell what the treatment options are for children so that we can better understand what that they’re going through.

There are three main courses of treatment: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and surgery. Doctors will usually use two of them. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the most popular ones, the surgery option they use for tumors as opposed to a blood cancer, which is fluid obviously. For lymph cancer they’ll use radiotherapy for that too.

Radiotherapy comes in three sections with two week breaks in between, so you have six weeks of radio and two weeks break for your body to get over it and then another six weeks and a two week break and then another six weeks  and that can go on for a couple of years if the cancer doesn’t completely go away and the children have to come back for that. Children are usually day patients for this treatment so they don’t need to stay in a hospital for this treatment. They go down every day for that treatment and then come back.  As treatment progresses children will usually get really tired and just want to sit around and watch DVDs or just be very lethargic.

Chemotherapy is a very similar sort of regime. This involves medication you take three times a day at the hospital. The medication is attempted to be given during the day so the child can come home at night and it involves having a tube put into your arm, which makes it easy to administer. Just like with Radiotherapy children start off alright and then they gradually get more more tired and very nauseous and they lose their hair. This treatment can go on for 2.5 years.

Surgery is obviously when they actually try to remove the tumor completely. When they do a surgical removal that will usually do a bit of chemo and a bit of radio. They try chemo or radio first because it’s seen as less invasive.

Children are incredibly good at responding to the moment. It’s much harder for teenagers to endure treatment or even worse for young people 21 to 25 year old. Teenagers get upset and want to know why is this happening and why is it happening to me. A child will say that hurts and scream their lungs out but then be fine five minutes later when the pain is gone. So that’s the good thing with little ones.

Thank you for reading and hopefully you have a much better understanding of the treatments that children go through to cure them of cancer. I think this enables us to be more supportive of our friends or family that are dealing with this right now. This biggest thing is to let them know that you’re there for them and to help our wherever you can but also give them their space. Please let me know your thoughts and I’ll have another article for you soon.

A Unique Perspective on Cancer Fundraisers and How They Can Be Improved

I’m here to talk about the other side of fundraising for cancer awareness. Of course raising money for cancer research is a good idea, but is it being done the right way? We’ve been doing that for almost 50 years now and we don’t seem to be a whole lot closer.

It kind of reminds me of a story of a guy that was driving from Florida to California and he was driving in the general direction, but instead of going straight toward California he was actually heading the wrong way. While he was driving he realized he was going the wrong way so he got a faster car and started going faster and faster and faster and when that wasn’t working he got in a plane, but he still kept going the wrong way. California’s over here and he’s headed in the wrong direction so it doesn’t matter how much money we put toward something when you’re going in the wrong direction; they’re going in the wrong direction.

They’re trying to treat the symptom. They’re looking at the genetics and they have this theory that genes created the cancer. Do you know how many genes are inside a woman’s breast if you actually watch and look at it? There are thousands of genes with thousands of different markers on them that you couldn’t possibly get to every single one of those genes. The evidence shows that genes always respond to their environment, the nucleus responds to its environment. They’ve done studies where they take the nucleus out of a cancer cell. The nucleus is what is supposed to be causing the mutation of the cancer cell. They swap it with the nucleus of a healthy cell. The assumption is that the healthy cell will now turn cancerous. They were surprised when the cell didn’t turn cancerous. There are so many studies out there proving it’s not the nucleus it’s not the DNA, it’s actually the environment around it that allows it.

In the same study they took a normal healthy nucleus and they put it inside of a cancer cell so they put a normal nucleus into a cancer cell. Well if it’s genetics this should turn a normal cell, but the cytoplasm the environment was the same and what do you know, a normal healthy nucleus still turns into cancer. The whole theory behind the pink campaign is awareness and what that means is they want you to donate money toward chemotherapy, radiation, surgeries, and genetics and giving people genetic drugs and finding that the causes and they think it’s all genetic. The genes respond to their environment, they’re still going after the wrong thing so they’re going the wrong way.

We hear a lot about the BRCA gene. The BRCA gene isn’t really considered as a cancer gene. What it does is it makes women more susceptible. We all have bad genes. The more bad genes we have the more susceptible we are. That means our environment is more likely to turn mine on than yours, so we know that if a woman as the BRCA gene, conventional advice says you need more mammograms, but we know that someone BRCA genes, doing more radiation, their body doesn’t allow them to slow down and they end up with cancer more often. So they’re getting the opposite of what they want. So if you have BRCA you need to figure out how you changed the environment.

You know we look at Angelina Jolie and I get it, in fear she’s got the BRCA gene, so she says I’m going to cut my breasts off. You don’t get cancer because you have breasts. I remember writing an article saying what’s next, is she going to cut out her uterus and ovaries because what’s the next organs that could get cancer. Why wouldn’t we instead, if we know that she has an increase chance of a hormone positive cancer why wouldn’t we balance out her hormones, measure out her hormones every three to six months. The best thing she could have done is balance out her hormones and make sure her liver can balance out her hormones and monitor that for the rest of her life instead of cutting off her breasts because you can cut off all your reproductive organs, but if your estrogen levels are still too high you still end up with cancer.